Saturday, 1 September 2012

(Not-So) New Year's Resolutions

Having taken months to actually set up this blog, it seems apt that I finally got it up and running on 1st September. I’ve never lost the feeling that September is ‘back-to-school’ month; a time for fresh starts, general optimism and a ‘can-do’ attitude. I remember approaching each new school year with the idea that it would be my best year ever. I would be organized, I would work hard at all my subjects (even maths), I would get up in time for breakfast in the morning, and I would stop avoiding P.E.  Of course, these resolutions usually lasted around a month and by October normal service had been resumed: my dad was doing my maths homework (thanks dad!), breakfast was a slice of toast hastily eaten as I legged it to the bus, and I was happily forging my dad’s signature on a series of increasingly inventive excuse notes (Dear Mrs. McIvor, Please excuse Lauren from today’s P.E. lesson. She has bubonic plague but should be fully recovered in time for her music lesson later in the afternoon).

Fast forward several (let’s not think about just how many years it’s been since I left school!) years and I’m using September rather than January to make some (Not So) New Year Resolutions.  This year, I’m even writing them down:
-I will complete NaNoWriMo* this year
-I will actually polish up whatever I finish for NaNo and maybe even let some people read it
-I will have a better work/life balance (currently I’m tending towards the workaholic end of the spectrum)
-I will finally learn how to do a shoulder stand in yoga

*That’s National Novel Writing Month. This November I’ll be trying to write a novel (50,000 words is the minimum I’m aiming for) in 30 days.

So there you have it, my grown-up ‘back-to-school’ resolutions. Will I stick to them? Ask me again in October!

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