Saturday, 1 September 2012

Birth of a blog

Hello and welcome to my blog, which has been a shockingly long time in the making, due to some serious procrastination on my part. But as Sam tells C.J. in The West Wing:

“Let's forget the fact that you're coming a little late to the party and embrace the fact that you showed up at all.”

First I spent several months wondering just what the whole thing should be about. I needed a theme – but what? I could blog about writing and maybe it would be a good way to break my writer’s block (scarily present for the past 7 months!). Or maybe a blog about folk music would inspire me to practise my harp a bit more and seek out some new groups to play with.
What about a frivolous blog about hair, beauty and make-up? It might be fun to write reviews about all the products I try in my ongoing quest for shiny, voluminous hair; dewy, spot-free skin and sharp, defined cheekbones.
Maybe sport. Over the past two years I’ve turned into a yoga bunny and been bitten by the running bug.
I was also tempted to blog about relationships. In the past year I’ve experienced breaking up, making up, coupledom, singledom, beingonabreakdom, good dates, bad dates, comedy dates. Definitely plenty there to blog about.

Then a week or so ago I decided that I just couldn’t decide. The theme of my blog would be themelessness. This really will be a bit of everything. 

It will be somewhat random, fairly left field, hopefully entertaining and definitely quintessentially quirky.

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